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v4l2-ctl man page - v4l-utils - General Commands | ManKier

    By default v4l2-ctl will directly access the V4L2 device, but with this option all access will go via this wrapper library. -h, --help. Prints the help message. --help-io. Prints the help message for all options that get/set/list inputs and outputs, both video and audio. --help-misc.

Documentation:Modules/v4l2 - VideoLAN Wiki

    These options do not apply to audio streams in compressed data. v4l2-adev < string > : Audio input device default value: "". v4l2-audio-method < integer > : Allowed audio input methods (bitmask: 1 for OSS, 2 for ALSA) default value: 3. v4l2-stereo : Capture audio in stereo default value: enabled. v4l2-samplerate < integer > : Audio input sample ...

1.9. User Controls — The Linux Kernel documentation

    V4L2_CID_AUDIO_TREBLE (integer) Audio treble adjustment. V4L2_CID_AUDIO_MUTE (boolean) Mute audio, i. e. set the volume to zero, however without affecting V4L2_CID_AUDIO_VOLUME. Like ALSA drivers, V4L2 drivers must mute at load time to avoid excessive noise. Actually the entire device should be reset to a low power consumption state. V4L2_CID ...

linux - Can v4l2 be used to read audio and video from the ...

    Most of the cheap v4l2 capture card's audio is only an analog pass through with a volume control requiring a jumper to capture the audio via the sound card's line input. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Dec 24 '09 at 19:53. wkulecz wkulecz. 1 1 1 bronze badge.

How to Fix MythTV Analog Volume Too Loud -- Linux Crumbs

    The recording volume of the first analog tuner can be set with the following command: v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl volume=# -d /dev/video0 Where the "#" (hash mark or number sign) represents a number in the range -83 to 24.

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