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    The digital coaxial cable is thicker than a typical audio cable, however, because it uses the same type of shielded coaxial cable you use to connect your television to your cable box. Also, can you use an RCA cable for a subwoofer? you can use a …

Can I use a regular RCA cable for digital coaxial audio ...

    SPDIF cables have a stereo digital connection, whereas RCA cables have a mono analog connection. How do you use coaxial audio output? All you need to do is connect the single male RCA to your coaxial audio output. You then have two female RCA connections to send audio into the inputs of your two devices.

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    A digital coaxial connector looks like an RCA connector, but it transmits digital data instead of analog signals. The digital coaxial cable is thicker than a typical audio cable, however, because it uses the same type of shielded coaxial cable you use to connect your television to your cable box. Also, can you use an RCA cable for a subwoofer? you can use a …

Can any RCA cable be used as a digital coax or does it ...

    Most after-market RCA cables have a 75 Ohm Radio Frequency Characteristic Impedance almost by accident. From a manufacturing point of view, it's the sweet spot in material & manufacturing costs. Digital audio & digital video operate in a very different frequency band than does TV channel signals. Digital audio SPDIF is a very robust system.

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    RCA cables come in three distinct colors of red, yellow, and white. These cables use phone connectors called RCA jacks or CINCH/AV. The plugs are primarily used to emit video and audio signals in an appliance. RCA cables split data into different streams depending on the type of signal. The cables then transmit the data to a specific jack.

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    forget what the other people said about using it for short runs or only for temporary use. the bottom line is that nearly any old rca cable will work fine. try it out and see if it works consistently and you should be fine. i've used 100 ft runs of thin, unshielded, ultra cheapo RCA for digital coax and it worked fine. C Chriscart1 Registered

Should I use RCA cables or Digital cables for interconnects

    I have a pair of purist audio RCA cables, An Audioquest carbon Optilink and an Audioquest forest Coax. I was told on my oppo 105d I could bypass the oppo DAC using digital and use the DAC in the preamp. I am not sure why but not using the RCA for the interconnect seemed more pleasing so I switched.

Can you use RCA cables for audio while using HDMI for ...

    Pilot Dane. I think splitting the audio off the HDMI will cause switching problems/complications. Most receivers and TV's are NOT designed to look for audio on analog RCA jacks when using HDMI since it digitally carries the audio information. I bet if you hook up the RCA cables they will not be used as long as there is an HDMI path for the audio.

AudioQuest Cinnamon RCA Digital Coaxial Cable; Single 1.5m ...

    2 days ago · AudioQuest Cinnamon RCA Digital Coaxial Cable for sale. To make an offer on this product or to see the full product details, please click the link above. You will be directed to the full brochure page for this product where you can get the best service ...

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    One is the coaxial digital audio connection being discussed here, and the other is an optical digital audio interface. It is common to find both of these connections side-by-side on a device — or you may get one or the other. One advantage of using digital coaxial cables over optical audio is that these cables are quite common.

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