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Quick Answer: How To Unlink Audio In Sony Vegas ...


Video Tutorial: How to Link and Unlink Clips in Final Cut ...

    This Final Cut Pro video tutorial will show you how to: Link and Unlink clips using the Linked Selection toggle (global linking) — Shift + L Link and Unlink clips using the Link command (local linking) — Command + L Link and Unlink clips using On-the-fly Linking — Option + …

Enable/Disable and Link/Unlink Clips in Final Cut Pro X ...

    Use the shortcut COMMAND+SHIFT+G to break out the audio from the video. If you have trouble remembering a three part FCPX shortcut you can also right click the footage and choose “Break Apart Clip Items”. The audio and video will now appear on separate tracks. You can disable or “mute” audio and video tracks in your project timeline…

How to unlink video and audio in FCPX - Apple Community

    There's no 'Unlink' audio (as such) in FCP X but if you select a clip in the timeline, and press Shift+Ctrl+S, the audio breaks away from the clip. Select this, and you can toggle it on and off by pressing V. Take care with this, because it's easy to get the audio out of sync.

final cut pro x linking and unlinking - Apple Community

    final cut pro x linking and unlinking. I have been using Final Cut Pro 7 for years and finally purchased Final Cut Pro X. In 7 you can easily link and unlink audio from video with a simple command+L.

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