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Audio features | Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2112

    For UDP audio, use Medium (default). For UDP audio only, select Enable Real-Time Transport and then set the range of incoming ports to open in the local Windows firewall. To use UDP Audio with Citrix Gateway, select Allow Real-Time Transport Through gateway. Configure Citrix Gateway with DTLS. For more information, see this article.

Audio features | XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR

    The audio traffic goes over the Citrix ICA protocol (preferably using UDP/RTP) to the user device running the Citrix Receiver. Generic softphone support is a feature of HDX RealTime. This approach to softphone delivery is especially useful when:

How to Enable and Manage Client Audio ... - Citrix.com

    For UDP audio, use Medium (default). For UDP audio only, select Enable Real-Time Transport and then set the range of incoming ports to open in the local Windows firewall. To use UDP Audio with NetScaler Access Gateway, select Allow Real-Time Transport Through gateway. NetScaler Access Gateway should be configured with DTLS.

How to Get UDP Audio in Citrix VAD Working

    The Audio UDP port range specifies the range of port numbers that the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) uses to exchange audio packet data with the user device. By default, the range is 16500 – 16509; Base Citrix Layout. I took this from the EDT CTX Article. Some people think that these ports need external as well.

Audio Over UDP Supportability - support.citrix.com

    The Audio Over UDP supports all connections which are configured to use Audio Over UDP Real-Time Transport is currently supported by the following features: Workspace App Current Release For Windows. Workspace App 1912 LTSR For Windows. Workspace App For Linux (Not With Netscaler Gateway)

Audio over UDP Real-time Transport - XenApp 7.x - Discussions

    Although it is best to deliver audio using User Datagram Protocol (UDP) rather than TCP, UDP audio encryption using DTLS is available only between NetScaler Gateway and Citrix Receiver. Therefore, sometimes it might be preferable to use TCP transport. TCP supports end-to-end TLS encryption from the VDA to Citrix Receiver.

How to Confirm HDX Enlightened Data Transport ... - …

    Verify the ICA UDP services are enabled. Open a command prompt on a VDA launched from Citrix Receiver/Receiver for Web. Run the command netstat –a –p UDP. Confirm the VDA is listening on UDP ports 1494 and 2598. Confirm the virtual channels are running over EDT by using the CtxSession.exe command line utility available on the VDA.

HowTo: Citrix Workspace App for Linux HDX Audio …

    For many customers during the pandemic, it has become critical to tune Citrix and Thin Client platforms to optimize Citrix HDX Audio over TCP, the mainstay medium for Citrix Audio for decades. And properly tuned, customers can achieve a user experience, not unlike the UDP variant, last-mile (ISP to end-user and end-user home network conditions ...

UDP Audio and Linux - Receiver for Linux 13.x - Discussions

    UDP Audio and Linux Ask question ... I am using AWS for testing and I can connect and see using HDX monitor that RTP over UDP is active when using Citrix receiver or Citrix workspace. When I use a linux 9Red Hat) AWS machine inactive? I'm using the linux 13.10 receiver. Any idea?

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