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Toshiba A215-S7422. Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. Sound issues. …

    I have no headphones at work to test that issue but I have sound It worked on this Toshiba Satellite A215-S5815 under Ubuntu Gusty 7.10 fresh install (upgraded from 7.04 install as that's the only copy I have here). FYI, when I first had 7.04 installed no sound but volume control was in my panel. Upon upgrade to 7.10 the audio control in panel had a muted circle on …

drivers - Ubuntu 20.04 - No sound - Ask Ubuntu

    If you continue to get no sound output and still only see the Dummy Output in System Settings, you can try to set the model to auto instead of generic, so edit the /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file with a text editor (as root) and change that. -- click here Hope this help someone. Share Improve this answer edited Jul 23 '21 at 14:12

How To Fix No Sound in Ubuntu And Linux Mint - It's FOSS

    First Alternate method to fix no sound in Ubuntu. If the above problem did not fix it for you, try reinstalling Alsa and Pulse audio in the following manner: sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base pulseaudio. And force reload Alsa again: sudo alsa force-reload. Restart and check if sound is back or not. Second alternate method to fix no sound in Ubuntu

How to Fix the No Sound Issue in Ubuntu - Make Tech …

    To install pavucontrol, open the Terminal and enter the following commands: pulseaudio --start sudo apt install pavucontrol After that, run pavucontrol either from the terminal or looking up “PulseAudio Volume Control” in your desktop environment’s launch menu. Go to the “Output Devices” tab and make sure your default speakers are selected.

My Geek Side: Ubuntu on a Toshiba a215-s4747

    If you are trying this on your new Toshiba a215-s4747, then you might right now be saying, "hey, this is nice but I have no sound." Well, go to System>>Administration>>Update Manager and check to see if you need to update anything.

Toshiba Cromebook 2 (Bay Trail) no sound – CloudReady

    This Reddit thread examines the various options for Toshiba Chromebook 2 models that have exceeded their AUE dates. The discussion covers Mr Chromebox replacement firmware, CloudReady, Ubuntu, Gallium, audio isues, touchpad issues, fixes and workarounds.

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