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How to stream music over the network to ... - Ask Ubuntu

    With this solution you can stream your system audio whereever you want.. the key here is the ALSA loopback capabilities. so first you need to enable loopback device in ALSA, which will appear in the PulseAudio Volume Control as an input device (and an output device as well). sudo modprobe snd_aloop this device then can be added to an mpd server:

Schedule Streaming Audio Recordings in Ubuntu : 5 Steps ...


[SOLVED] No longer able to play RTSP/WMA stream with …

    </ASX> In older versions of Ubuntu, I could play the asx file & could paste the above URL into the open network stream in VLC and successfully listen to the stream. Now since I've upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10 where the medibuntu package is no longer maintained, I cannot listen on VLC, Totem, or any other player for that matter.

No audio, streaming .asx video with VLC - Linux/BSD

    In the stream information, the audio codec is listed as wma2, aka Windows Media Audio 9.1, which i think herein lies the problem. A long shot, but wondering if anyone has had any success in getting ABC or similar streams to work with sound? TIA. Using Ubuntu Intrepid, VLC media player 0.8.6h Janus (wxWidgets interface).

10 Best Radio Streaming Apps for Linux

    2. Gradio. Gradio is an open source radio streaming app built with GTK3. It has a grey background, Ubuntu-style fonts, and a UI like the default GNOME desktop. Gradio Linux Internet Radio Player. Gradio allows you to edit radio station details, organize radio channels into collections, import radio libraries, etc.

Home | ASX - AudioSweets

    ASX from AudioSweets offers affordable buyout radio imaging elements. Used by thousands of independent producers and production companies, along with radio stations of all sizes across the world; download beds, artist drops and sound design, music imagers, power intros and workparts – ASX gives every station the opportunity to have great sounding imaging.

VLC HowTo/Stream to a website (simple version) - VideoLAN

    Change the port number to 1234 (for this example) Select “Windows asf/wmv” in the Custom dropdown selection box You may need to alter the TTL value to allow more buffering, a value of 0 or 1 should be OK (no more than 12 should be necessary) as this increases delay from live Then select Next and/or Stream VLC should open with a local display stream, which should display …

VLC HowTo/Stream to a website - VideoLAN Wiki

    Box 1 Set up: Select “Streaming” set up your capture devices and set the video size to 256x192 Simply using the default values in the GUI, select “Stream”, then “Next” at source, at “Destinations” check the box “display locally” <optional> , select HTTP from the dropdown box, and click the “Add” button, leave the address field as and change the port number to 8080.

Cant find audio plug in for Google chrome - Techyv.com

    If you want to stream an audio file (.asx) in Google Chrome using Ubuntu, You just need to download the Totem plugin to enable browsing and streaming online then try to update your Google Chrome to version 7 to make sure that the plugin …

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