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how to do it in Ubuntu 15.10


Stop pulseaudio from restarting under gdm ... - Ask Ubuntu

    systemctl disable pulseaudio. According to pstree, it keeps getting restarted by systemd with user gdm, if I kill it (as root) the process dies, and systemd just respawns it. But I can't figure out why systemd is starting it: % systemctl --type=service | grep pulse % systemctl list-units --type=service | grep pulse.

ubuntu - pulseaudio-equalizer keeps resetting at startup ...

    You have to write a startup shell script that disable pulse-audio equalizer and put the audio volume at the level you want. To create this you must: 1) create a script, and edit it to your needs. Lets say, you call it pulseaudio.sh. 2) copy that script into /etc/init.d. 3) run the following commands:

How to Fix pulseaudio issues in Linux - Appuals.com

    A very few users, especially those running Linux on ASUS eeePC mobile devices, say that after restarting pulseaudio they suddenly hear a crackling noise. This is an unusual driver problem, but you can fix the issue with relative ease. Try plugging any USB device into a USB port and then restart the puleaudio daemon.

How to Restart PulseAudio Sound Server in Ubuntu Linux?

    pulseaudio -k. After issuing the command in Ubuntu you should see the audio icon changes into something similar as shown above. Just wait for few seconds and after the restarting process is completed you should see the default PulseAudio icon in your notification area again as shown below. That’s it.

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