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pulseaudio - Ubuntu Audio Static Distortion [Intel 82801AA ...


alsa - Static noise when playing sound - Ask Ubuntu

    It stops when no sound is played (e.g. when music playback is stopped). Seems to be independent from output device (same symptons with either my speakers or headphones) When stopping sound, the static noise lingers for …

Ubuntu – Static noise when playing sound – iTecTec

    Ubuntu – Static noise when playing sound. alsa noise sound. From time to time I get a lot of static noise when playing sound. It stops when no sound is played (e.g. when music playback is stopped). Seems to be independent from output device (same symptons with either my speakers or headphones)

[SOLVED] Weird static noise in headset on Ubuntu 20.04

    After updating to Ubuntu 20.04, there's always a very low volume static noise that keeps coming and going on my in-ear headset when my laptop is charging. The noise is not noticeable when something is playing but it's driving me crazy. I tried almost all the solutions I could find and nothing worked. This problem is only present in Ubuntu and ...

sound - Microphone static noise - Ask Ubuntu

    I installed Ubuntu 14.04 with dualboot. But i have problem with microphone noise. I can not find any noise reduction in Ubuntu. Sound quality is for me quite important, because i am talking with friends on TeamSpeak, recording videos on youtube and doing livestreams. I have microphone in headset, and i never had any problem with it in Windows.

16.04 - audio stuttering/crackling in ubuntu 18.04 - Ask ...

    Static and crackling sound coming from speakers in 19.04. 9. Audio stuttering on 18.04. 0. Ubuntu 20.04 Sound in YouTube intermittently stuttering. 0. Crackling sound and noise when using line in. Related. 5. Fix audio glitches with Intel HDA Realtek 887-VD. 9. Audio stuttering on 18.04. 7.

[ubuntu] Audio stopped working. I only get static now ...

    After an update the audio stopped working in Ibex. When a sound is supposed to play I only get static. I went to Sound Preferences and changed playback from autodetect to Open Sound System and now it sort of works. I can now hear music on Rhythmbox or movie player, but still get static when trying to listen to Last.fm or a youtube video for example.

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