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Listen to Music through the Ubuntu Terminal - VITUX

    The CMUS player is a free and open-source terminal-based audio player for Linux. It is a fast, powerful and lightweight player based on ncursed. It is distributed under GPL (GNU public license) and is meant to run only on a Terminal based UI. It uses the text-only interface so that very few resources are used, especially when using older computers.

Three ways to Listen to Radio via Ubuntu Terminal – VITUX


How do you play a sound from the terminal? - Ask Ubuntu

    To install it: sudo apt install sox. And for playing special formats like mp3 you must install its libraries: sudo apt install libsox-fmt-mp3. And to use it: play music.mp3. If you want to use it with full libraries, you must install libsox-fmt-all package: sudo apt install libsox-fmt-all. Share.

How do I play music from the terminal? - Ask Ubuntu

    Try sudo apt-get install moc and then mocp in a new terminal window. This will let you play the selected audio from the terminal. Share. Improve this answer. Follow this answer to receive notifications. edited Sep 30 '15 at 18:24. kos. 33.3k 13.

The 15 Best Music Players for Ubuntu & Linux Mint

    Rhythmbox Audio Player. Rhythmbox is an opensource and easy-to-use audio player that …

The 5 Best Command Line Music Players for Linux

    CMUS – Console Music Player. Written in C programming language, CMUS is a light-weight …

8 Best Linux Music Players That You Must Try In 2021


6 Best Command Line Music Players for Linux in 2021

    CMUS. CMUS (Console Music Player) is a fast and compact console audio player developed …

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