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Ubuntu – How to setup an Icecast server for …

    After having set up the configuration file with server address, password and streaming properties (well documented example will be found in /usr/share/doc/ices/examples) we can stream mp3 audio files from playlists (e.g. in .m3u format) over an Icecast2 server by: /etc/init.d/icecast2 start ices -c <path_to_config_file> -F <path_to_playlist>

How to Install Icecast Audio Streaming Server on Ubuntu ...

    In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Icecast Audio Streaming Server on Ubuntu 20.04. Prerequisites. A fresh Ubuntu 20.04 VPS on the Atlantic.net Cloud Platform; A root password configured on your server; Step 1 – Create an Atlantic.Net Cloud Server. First, log in to your Atlantic.Net Cloud Server.

sound - How to broadcast audio output to iPhone? - Ask …

    So sort of audio server (Desktop) to client (iPhone). more details: Ubuntu 10.04/11.04 or 11.10, iPhone 3S or 4. It is my understanding that the sound system shipped in Ubuntu can be used as a sound server. The idea would be for the sound system to stream to a remote audio client, for example sitting in a different computer or an iPhone, that computer/iPhone could be connected …

Ubuntu – How to rebroadcast an audio stream – iTecTec

    When it's time to listen to your broadcast, connect the server to the internet stream in the usual way. Then open System→Preferences→Sound and select "RTP Multicast" from the "Output" tab. After that, on each client, open System→Preferences→Sound and look in the "Input" tab. It should contain an entry for an RTP Multicast from (server's hostname).

linux - ubuntu server no audio output - Server Fault

    After installing the ubuntu 12.04 server edition I installed: sudo apt-get install libasound2 sudo apt-get install alsa-utils sudo apt-get install mplayer and then added my user to the audio group sudo usermod -a -G audio myusername After these operations I opened amixer and did rise all outputs to 100% on.

Rocket Streaming Audio Server

    Deliver high quality streaming audio over the web. Rocket Streaming Audio Server broadcasts live audio over HTTP(S), and is a modern replacement for Icecast and SHOUTcast. Download for Free Read the Docs For Linux and Windows 7 or later.

Download RSAS | Rocket Streaming Audio Server

    Download Rocket Streaming Audio Server and deliver live streaming audio to listeners over the web. Supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, Opus, and FLAC. Available for Windows and Linux.

How To Create Your Own Internet ... - Linux Uprising Blog

    Configure Mixxx to feed the audio stream to the Icecast2 streaming server. From the Mixxx Options menu launch Preferences , then switch to the Live Broadcasting tab. Here, look under Server connection and set:

14 Best Open source and free Music Server ... - H2S Media

    The Daphile Headless music server OS features Bitperfect and gapless playback, Extensive audio format support, Native DSD playback up to DSD512, PCM resolutions up to 384kHz/24bit, High-quality audio resampling including PCM to DSD conversion, Convolution filtering for DRC and equalizer, “Play from RAM” to minimize CPU load and disk activity during …

How to Use PulseAudio to Manage Sounds on Ubuntu 18.04

    It can change the sound format, increase or decrease sound channels. It can also send the sound of one computer to another computer. PulseAudio is basically a very powerful network based sound server for Linux, Mac OS, and Win32 systems. In this article, I will show you how to use PulseAudio to Manage Sounds on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Let’s get ...

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