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BluetoothHeadset - Community Help Wiki - Ubuntu


BluetoothAudio - Community Help Wiki

    For Ubuntu 10.10, please refer to BluetoothHeadset page. Overview of Bluetooth Audio There are two different Audio profiles implemented in Bluetooth. Which one to use depends on how you plan to use your headset. The "sco" audio profile is a low quality, low latency connection. The sound quality is comparable to a cell phone.

How to receive files via Bluetooth on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick

    After Personal File Sharing software installation, click on Bluetooth icon and select Preferences. Now click on Receive Files button; Select the Receive File check-box with a proper option - select Only for set up devices for paired devices or select Always for any Bluetooth device. Thats it. Send a file from a bluetooth device to the Ubuntu 10.10 desktop.

10.10 - Setting Up Audio on a Server Install - Ask Ubuntu

    I'm running on a clean install of 10.10 Server edition and have alsa-base, alsa-tools, alsa-utils, alsaplayer, and alsa-firmware-loader installed. At one point I installed pulseaudio, but I have since removed it. I've tried the following

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