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Professional tips for recording audiobooks

    Audiobooks are normally recordings of books that were intended to be read, not said. So they include plenty of tongue twisters and complicated sentences. Even with a fully marked-up script, you may take a few runs at certain passages before you get that perfect read. Rock n Roll When recording, there are two methods for dealing with retakes.

How To Record An Audiobook [Step-by-Step Guide]

    If you decide to record the audiobook yourself using a professional recording studio, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your time: Time slots. To figure out how much recording time your book will need, divide the total word count by 8,000 (the average number of words per hour) and then multiply it by 2.

Audiobook Recording Tips - Reading your book

    An audiobook differs from a corporate recording in that the narrator should not be passive. Obviously, laughing out loud will probably sound idiotic, but for goodness sake, be emotional. If the scene is tearful, your own emotional reaction will help bring the emotion to the listener. However, you need balance.

What You Need to Know about Recording Audiobooks — …

    · Stay the same distance from the microphone during the recording session. Moving your head away from the microphone not only changes your volume, but also changes your tone. Tone changes cannot always be fixed in editing and lower the quality of your narration. · Always read from an electronic device to minimize page noise.

6 Tips to Nail Your Audio Book Recording - Backstage

    Remember you are reading sentences, paragraphs, and sections. It’s OK to take a tiny break …

Audio Books: Professional Studio Tips for Recording And ...

    If you want your listener to ‘lose themselves' in the story, then the recording itself should not distract the listener with major volume changes, room noise, noisy breaths, lip ‘smacks' and page turns. Your audio project should both prepare for and edit out these distractions. Recording Environment

5 Tips You Must Know When You Narrate An Audio Book

    Try not to make it about a male or female voice. Rather, make a decision based on how you …

Audiobooks: 5 Tips For Better Narration And …


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