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Resolving Audio Issues – Support


Resolving Audio Issues – Support

    Go to Volume (on your task bar) Right click to select Volume Mixer Look for the volume slider with a RuneScape logo, and make sure this is turned up If you can't locate the game in your mixer, you can resolve your mixer issue

Client not appearing in Windows Volume Mixer – Support

    This can usually be resolved by changing the following audio settings: Right click on the Volume icon on your Windows task bar and select 'Playback Devices'. Double-click on the 'Speakers/Headphones' option, to open a properties window. Click on the 'Advanced' tab and tick the box that says 'Allow ...

No sound : runescape - reddit

    Right click the sound icon at the bottom right and click open sound settings, then scroll down to other sound options and click "App volume and device preferences" have a look at the runescape application to make sure it isn't muted in there. Also make sure it's set to the correct output device. Hope this helps :)

Runescape - No sound when game is running.

    If i start runescape first and then audio player, runescape sound countinues to play but any other sound including notifications doesn't work.. There is no fix at all? Well, there's some fixes that work sometimes, and sometimes you think you finally found something that works, but it ends up making RS crash after an hour or so.

runescape not coming up in volume mixer | Tom's Guide Forum

    First check the game configuration to ensure that the correct audio output is selected/enabled. Go into Playback devices via the little speaker icon (probably) lower right screen corner and work...

Managing your audio settings – Support

    To find the audio settings tab in RuneScape: Login and connect to a world Press "Esc" and choose "Settings" Select the "Audio" tab

[SOLVED] Music but no sound effects in Runescape

    I had issues with sound in Runescape (Ubuntu Karmic, btw), and it's a 2-part problem. First, use the icedtea6-plugin package (apt-get install icedtea6-plugin) for your java. You might need to uninstall any sun or gcj java versions you have installed: just do a search for plugin in synaptic, basically, and filter the ones you have installed to the top of the list.

[SOLVED] OldSchool Runescape sound not working for a week ...

    Re: [SOLVED] OldSchool Runescape sound not working for a week Generally don't load the snd_aloop module, or if you do pass it a index that does not make it the default card. What you should do regardless is install pulseaudio-alsa so that applications not having direct pulse access are redirected to pulseaudio by default and pulseaudio will allow you to have …

How to clear your cache – Support

    Right-click RuneScape in your game library on Steam. 3: Click 'Properties'. 4: Click the 'Local Files' tab. 5: Click the 'Local Files' tab. This will open a new Windows File Explorer window. 6: Delete the 'RuneScape' folder. 7: Reload the client and log in. Below the lobby, you'll see a progress bar showing the cache begin to build.

Runescape down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector

    Runescape outages reported in the last 24 hours. This chart shows a view of problem reports submitted in the past 24 hours compared to the typical volume of reports by time of day. It is common for some problems to be reported throughout the day. Downdetector only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher ...

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