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Anyone tried ReClock for audio?? | What Hi-Fi? Forum

    1) Reclock definitely works in Vista 64 providing you are running a 32 bit media application. 2) WSAPI output (Vista) will only work if you are using the Slysoft version. They took up the development about two years ago

Bit exact audio in Reclock without any resampling - RedFox

    This way, the resampling could be by-passed, and reclock could try to set the clock frequency that we need, in case our soundcard's drivers allow it. You will need Reclock or higher, and you should not use the resampler.dll that I …

MPC HC audio issues LAV/ReClock - VideoHelp Forum

    When you enable the audio switcher you might also notice there's an Audio menu under MPC-HCs Play menu for selecting the audio stream you want if the file contains more than one. I'm pretty sure with the audio switcher disabled the Audio menu will be greyed out. I use a combination of MP-HC, audio switcher, Reclock and ffdshow.

A guide to stutter free playback with Reclock | Page 6 ...

    Are you trying to force ReClock to be the default sound renderer ? (options on the 'Advanced' tab) You don't need to do this for MP - just select it as the audio renderer in MP config. If you don't have any joy, try searching/posting over at the ReClock forum. P paulbrannan Portal Member February 23, 2010 #56

To reclock or not to reclock - High-End Audio Discussion Forum

    (Sonos $395.00 plus reclocker $400.00 or $600.00 puts the total package in the $800.00 to $1000.00 range so I could justify $1000.00 for a new streaming device). That’s when I happened upon a comment from a poster who said the AURALic Aries MINI streamer at $549.00 sounded better than the Sonos with the Wyred4Sound reclocker.

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