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RAID and Audio: How a RAID Array Can Benefit Your ...


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    The two RAID versions I’d like to introduce are RAID 0 and RAID 1. RAID 0 treats multiple drives as one large-capacity, unified disk. Take, for example, a simple RAID 0 setup containing two drives. When data is written to it, it is distributed evenly between the drives. As shown in the RAID 0 image below, the source data of “ABCDEF” is written in an alternating manner.

RAID and Audio: How a RAID Array Can Benefit Your ...

    In my experience, RAID arrays are best used as backup volumes in recording studios, making RAID 5 or RAID 10 the logical choice. Below are some of the other RAID levels and how they can be implemented in a recording environment. RAID 0 – Uses two hard drives with data striped between both drives for increased read/write performance and capacity. This …

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    OS X offers two modes of RAID functionality — 0 and 1 — that can be configured in the RAID tab of Disk Utility (Applications / Utilities), as shown in the screenshot above. Simply drag the drives you want to include in the RAID volume into the box in the lower half of the RAID panel, enter a name, check the format for the volume, and choose the RAID Type.

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    Also called “disk striping,” RAID 0 is all about optimizing the speed of your hard drives. If you have at least two drives, using RAID 0 will combine them and write data on both of them simultaneously or sequentially, depending on your system. This will help with read and write speeds. However, if one drive fails, you will lose all of your data.

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