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Streaming Data - Live

    Streaming Audio. At the present the audio streaming schedule is the following: Audio from 20RJ receiver and antenna 10:00 AM-15:00 EST (15:00-20:00 UT) from INSPIRE receiver 15:00-00:00 AM (20:00-5:00 UT) from 20TP/RHP receiver …

NASA's Radio JOVE Project Website

    The JOVE radio telescope, comprising an antenna, receiver, software, optional calibrator and extensive documentation was introduced as a kit in 1999. As of 2020 over 2400 JOVE radio telescopes have been sold worldwide. Hardware Receiver. The JOVE RJ1.1 receiver contains over 100 electronic components and pieces of hardware.

Big Dish | StarDate Online

    A radio telescope in a big bowl is about ready to get to work. Construction was finished in July, and scientists have spent the last couple of months checking it out.The telescope is known as FAST. It was built in a natural bowl-shaped depression in south-central China. It’s 500 meters wide — almost a third of a mile. That makes it the second-largest single-dish radio

Tuning in the Sounds of Space - NASA

    The Radio JOVE kit includes all the parts needed to make a radio telescope. The two main parts are an antenna and receiver. The antenna picks up the powerful bursts of radio signals that the sun and Jupiter create. Radio signals are invisible waves of energy. The receiver converts the signals into audio that sounds like radio static.

Astronomy FM | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

    Astronomy FM - Astronomy.FM is an all-volunteer, listener-funded internet radio station broadcasting the best astronomy-related programs and podcasts, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week!

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