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Audio Oscillator | Discrete Semiconductor Circuits ...

    The proper name for this circuit is “ astable multivibrator ”. It is a simple, free-running oscillator circuit timed by the sizes of the resistors, capacitors, and …

Radioshack 20-005 Realistic Morse Practice Oscillator

    $7.99 to $14.00 (100 offers) - Buy Radioshack 20-005 Realistic Morse Practice Oscillator Radio Shack . Brand: Radioshack . Mpn: 20-005 . . Electronics

HP204B Audio Oscillator

    HP 204B Audio Oscillator ... By spraying the OFF-RANGE switch contacts with Radio Shack Tuner - Control Cleaner & Lubricant ( RS-64-4315) the output appeared. The frequency accuracy and amplitude stability are very good. The power supply is a separate assembly on the back outputting +13 and - 13 VDC. ...


    Audio oscillator. PARTS AND MATERIALS. Two 6-volt batteries. Three NPN transistors -- models 2N2222 or 2N3403 recommended (Radio Shack catalog # 276-1617 is a package of fifteen NPN transistors ideal for this and other experiments) Two 0.1 µF capacitors (Radio Shack catalog # 272-135 or equivalent) One 1 MΩ resistor. Two 100 kΩ resistors.

RadioShack.com Official Site - America's Technology Store

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Audio Oscillator from Homemade Active Semiconductor.

    Code Practice Oscillator Schematic. T1 is a small Radio Shack 12vac center tapped transformer. 12v winding connects to headset. 110v input winding is part of LC circuit.

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