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How to Rackmount Studio Gear - AudioGearz

    How to Rackmount Studio Gear. Rackmounting studio gear is straightforward. There are typically four screw holes on the front panel of each piece of rackmount studio equipment, one at each corner. You’ll want to plan out and choose your desired location on the rack for your piece of gear.

How To Rack Mount An Audio Equipment - Planet Radio …

    3 Ways to Mount Audio Equipment Rack. Use a dedicated half-rack width equipment rack. Use a coupler to connect two half-rack units side by side, then mount them in a 19″ rack. Use a dummy 9.5″ mounting plate or a pair of 4.75″ mounting plates which attaches to the half-rack equipment. For audio equipment that isn’t meant to be rack ...

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Audio Racks, Audio Cabinets & Furniture | Studio Racks | …

    Equipment audio racks are frame structures designed to mount or secure pro audio and video equipment such as recording or DJ gear. Depending on the product, you can also use these racks for equipment like servers, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, and router switches. The racks provide easy equipment organization and cable management, too.

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