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Is there an alternative to PulseAudio? – Runyoncanyon ...


15 PulseAudio Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives

    Voicemeeter Banana. Free 0 Voicemeeter Banana is an audio mixer application that you can …

Is there an alternative to PulseAudio? – Runyoncanyon ...

    There are three alternatives to PulseAudio for iPad, iPhone, Linux and Windows. The best alternative is VB-Audio VoiceMeeter, which is free. Other great apps like PulseAudio are Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (Free, Open Source) and AudioBus (Paid).

PulseAudio - Top 8 Alternatives for PulseAudio

    Discover the top 8 PulseAudio alternatives. The best alternatives to PulseAudio app are pulseaudio, voicemeeter, audiobus, dante-virtual-soundcard, jack-audio-connection-kit, voicemeeter-banana, soundflower, virtual-audio-cable.

Pulseaudio Alternatives and Reviews (Jul 2021)

    Which is the best alternative to pulseaudio? Based on common mentions it is: Flantel/Pixelbook-linux, Pixelbook-fedora or Daddy-box-python-module

PulseAudio Equalizer Alternatives and Similar Software ...

    Equalizer APO. Free • Open Source. Windows ▼ Equalizer. Parametric Equalizer. Parametric …

alternative to pulseaudio? / Multimedia and Games / Arch ...

    So what I can do, is answer just the question in the subject of this topic; Is there an alternative to pulseaudio? I will be assuming that it has to be an in-place compatible replacement for pulseaudio (libpulse) because if it didn't need to be that, there'd have been no reason for OP to not just use alsamixer like he has before.

Alternative to PulseAudio? : linux - reddit

    Alternative to PulseAudio? I've been running into many issues with PulseAudio recently on my Ubuntu 13.04, particularly with Flash (Pepper) and Skype, and decided to get rid of PulseAudio completely. So far I've only managed to make 3 of my 5 speakers work with just ALSA, but that's not really an issue; the bigger problem is lack of a proper ...

Does pulseaudio have an alternative? [SOLVED] - Debian ...

    The alternative to pulseaudio will be Pipewire when distros will start to adopt it: https://pipewire.org/ By default I have that package installed. Why on …

Pulseaudio alternative? : linux4noobs

    Hello fellow redditers. I'm looking for Pulseaudio/Alsa alternatives because it's giving me headaches. The main reason is that I'm having hard time configuring system-wide equaliser. On Manjaro it was relatively easy to set it up and use it, but I had to install Linux Mint on an underpowered 2-in-1 laptop and PulseEffects is PINTA.

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