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Sounds of Northern Pacific Treefrog - Pseudacris regilla

    This is a 17 second recording of land calls of a single Pacific Treefrog during daylight in October on a wooded trail, King County, Washington. An airplane is heard in the background. This adult frog was found as seen here about 10 feet up in a tree producing a land call one afternoon in Thurston County, Washington.

What Does A Tree Frog Sound Like? Sound Of All Tree …


Pacific Tree Frog Chorus - Video (U.S. National Park …

    In early spring, Pacific tree frogs (also known as Pacific chorus frogs) gather in Yosemite Valley’s moist meadows, looking for love. When the sun goes down, the party begins. Male frogs call loudly in an effort to attract females, inviting even more males to join the chorus. Female frogs lay their eggs here in the meadow’s aquatic environment.

Pacific Treefrog Facts - NatureMapping

    The Pacific Treefrog can change color rapidly from light to dark. A group of frogs is called an army. More Information: Pacific Treefrog Fact Sheet - B.C. Frogwatch Program. Pacific Treefrog Natural History - with photos, audio and video clips. Creature Feature: The Pacific Treefrog - National Parks Traveler. Pacific Treefrog - Identification Guide

Our Pond

    The Pacific Tree Frog has a very loud ribit. The females swim out to them and rub against them to get their attention. The male then gets on top of the female and they do their thing. Any night you desire you can go out to the pond and watch this activity. It is like a froggies single bar out there. The Song of the Pacific Tree Frog

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