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    RR2150 Stereo Receiver; It is no secret that the gestation process for this product was a long one, but that is due to the fact that, perhaps more than any of our other products, the RR 2150 has truly been a labor of love. With over ninety man-years in product design and over one hundred two-channel products among us, the Outlaw team working on ...

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    The online outfit Outlaw Audio saw this opportunity for a high-performance, modestly priced stereo receiver, and thus was born the RR2150. Old-world looks, new-world functionality Despite the RR2150's low price, Outlaw has paid attention to its appearance.

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    In an attempt to move stereo receivers a little bit more into the 21 st century, while still maintaining all of the form and function of past generations, Outlaw came up with the RR2150 RetroReceiver.

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    Outlaw Audio RR2150 Receivers DESCRIPTION The RR2150 Stereo Receiver combines sophisticated retro styling with audiophile performance and a wallet friendly price. •State-of-the-art stereo receiver inspired by the art deco table radios of the past •High performance FM Stereo/FM/AM tuner •Multiple inputs with separate record output bus

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    Sometimes I wonder if i am missing out on something by not having tried a NAD or an outlaw stereo receiver. ... and the Retro Receiver in my den. I choose Outlaw due to the quality of the phono preamp, FM tuner specs and the built in USB. ... The New Outlaw Audio RR2150 stereo re... Nasotec VEM Spike & Shoe COMBO.

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