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Outlaw Audio Model 770 Amplifiers user reviews : 5 out of ...


Outlaw Audio Model 7700 Amplifier: First Look | Sound & …

    Outlaw Audio Model 7700 Amplifier: First Look. Channels/Power: Seven channels; 200-Watts per channel into 8 ohms/300-Watts into 4 ohms. The …

Outlaw 7700 | Audioholics Home Theater Forums

    FYI ATI manufacturers amps for Outlaw (7700 and 7500, not the monoblock) the 2007 is an awesome amp, but not very different from the 7700. it has a fully balanced design that is supposed to be better for XLR inputs, but i haven't any so don't know for sure. nevertheless, it still sounds fabulous using RCA inputs. it runs cool and does not have any fan (hence no fan …

Product Review - HomeTheaterHifi.com

    Product Review . Outlaw Audio 770 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier. November, 2002. Rick Schmidt

Model 7700 Seven Channel Power Amplifier - Outlaw Audio

    Compared to single-ended designs, the 7700 requires half the rail voltage for a given power allowing for increased transient performance. In addition, with a slew rate nearly double that of a comparable single-ended amp, the utmost control over transients is maintained ensuring distortion free performance. The result: an amplifier that remains ...

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