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    First verify the wiring on the input side. Then pull the speaker out or look at them somehow while using a AA battery or 9 volt to energize the voice coil. If the polarity is correct the speaker moves out. If reversed it will be pull in. Then it's just verify the wiring on the output side of the amplifier. First make sure the input are correct.

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    Phase is relative, a single speaker is neither in phase, nor out of phase when it is played by itself, phase is a relationship between 2 or more speakers. As miniSQ said, if all speakers are "out of phase" (they are actually wired in reverse polarity, your tester measures polarity, not phase) then they are all in the same polarity, therefore they are "in phase".

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    Since the sound takes time to travel through the air and reach the microphones, it may be out of phase with the DI. Identical waveforms that are 180 degrees out of phase will cancel each other out completely when summed due to destructive interference. As soon as any phase shift occurs, the relationship between the two signals changes.

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    If only one speaker is out of phase, your music will not sound correct. Proper speaker phase is important in all applications, whether it be car audio, home audio, or pro audio. Checking For Proper Speaker Phase. There are a few different ways to test your system for incorrect speaker polarity. The first way is to use a 1.2v or 1.5v AAA battery.

How Do I Tell If My Speakers Are In Phase? - Sonic ...

    Check Your Speaker Wires. The most common issue and simple solution is to retrace your speaker wires from the speakers back to the amplifier. You will want to check that the positive wire is connected to the positive input (typically red-colored) and that the negative (or black colored wire) is connected to the negative input. If they are not, your speakers are out of …

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