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How to copy Audio CD's in OSX - Apple Community

    I now have two CDs, and the .m4a files take up much less space on the hard disk than .aiff files. Toast method 1 launch Toast, set it to copy audio. 2 insert audio CD and have Toast copy it. 3 insert a blank and have Toast burn the copy to it.

How to Copy a CD on Mac Easily and Quickly in 2021


    Dumb: How to duplicate audio CD? | MacRumors Forums

      Not really. Apple's Disk Utility can't make copies of Audio CDs. You're supposed to be able to make an image of the original and then burn from the …

    How-to: Copying Audio CD in Mac OS X? | Mac Support

      How do I copy an Audio CD in Mac OS X? I was looking at Apple's DiskCopy program and it only gives the options of making a Mac OS, Mac OS Extended, UNIX, and MS-DOS disk image. Is there a way to actually copy an audio CD like Adaptec Toast does in Mac OS 9? I've got some CD's I just want to copy for archival purposes (really) and I don't want ...

    How to Burn an Audio CD on Mac OS X: 9 Steps (with …


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