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NAIM SuperNait 3 and Moon/Simaudio 340iX... - AudioShark


Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s

    Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s. Hello Everyone, I have narrowed it down to two int amps for my contour 20 speakers. My current room is 15 x 20ish and I am trying to decide between simaudio moon 600i v2 or the supernait 3. I have listened to them at different times in different stores but with the same speakers so I ...

Hegel, Naim, or Moon by Simaudio? - SoundStageAccess.com

    Hegel, Naim, or Moon by Simaudio? Details Created: 17 September 2015 To Hans Wetzel, Thank you for your well-thought-out and equally well-written reviews. I would like your take on some integrated amps. First, I will give you a few details. I am using Bryston Middle T speakers and have an Apple MacBook Pro with Audirvana as a source running ...

Simaudio Mind or Naim NDX - vortexbox.org

    Simaudio Mind or Naim NDX 08-09-2017, 03:29 PM. My squeezebox transporter recently died, likely for good. I was looking at using a sim audio streamer with the mind software or a naim ndx. I have a vortexbox player/nas which had the squeezebox server already pre-loaded on it at purchase. Does anyone know how I would get the software for either ...

SimAudio anyone? - Hi-Fi Corner - Naim Audio - Community

    The Naim and Sim had very similar sound, but in the end I found listening to the Sim for more than a few hours was somewhat fatiguing whereas the Naim was not. I can’t say it applies to Sim in general since I have heard higher end Sim sound great at my dealer. However, in the end I stuck with Naim. Brilliant June 1, 2020, 7:57am #3

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