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Naim Ovator S-600 Loudspeaker - Tune Hi-Fi Seattle

    The Naim Ovator S-600 crossover network is housed within the plinth and divides the audio signal between bass drivers and BMR with fourth order acoustic …

Ovator S-600: Design, engineering and technology - …


    6moons audio reviews: Naim Ovator S-600

      Then about half a year ago, Naim added a new loudspeaker - the Ovator S-600. “About time” is how brand fans might have reacted given that the Brits’ last speaker introduction dates back to 2004’s Ariva which enjoyed only very limited production and played in a rather lower league than the new Ovator.



      Naim’s Ovator S-600 Speaker Promises High …


        Naim Audio Active Ovator S-600 Loudspeaker: Can You Use it ...

          The Naim Ovator S-600 is a very good loudspeaker and definitely worth auditioning for listeners in the market for a mid-size floor-standing loudspeaker. Using Naim Ovator S-600 with Your Soundbar People ofter pair their soundbar with external speakers and subwoofers to get a full audio experience.

        6moons audio reviews: Naim Ovator S-600

          Naim’s Ovator S-600 is a rhythm machine with impressive pressurization chops. Rarely before have I hosted speakers which nailed PRaT to this degree and even managed to tease out rhythmic subtext in apparently lame numbers. Granted, this speaker is an …

        Naim Ovator S-600 Speaker Standard Finish - Basil Audio


          6moons audio reviews: Naim Ovator S-600

            The Naim Ovator message: This speaker won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea.That much was clear to me right off. Naim’s Ovator S-600 sounded so different that I grasped ten minutes into it very clear intent. To my ears, Naim’s box incorporates a kind of message or leitmotif.To whittle it down to one word, it’s Rhythmic! with an exclamation mark.

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