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Naim CDX2 CD-player review and test

    The Naim CDX2 shows a very specific and unusual sound. First of all, it loves speed and drive and so much that all the time trying to fasten the pace of reproducible records. However, this subjectively perceived speed-up is not always appropriate.

Naim CDX2 Review - VintageSonics

    When the Naim CDX2 was released in 2003, it appeared that Compact Disc was starting to weaken in the face of competition from SACD and DVD-Audio. So it appeared bold of Naim to launch a new CD player right into the market for high-end universal machines.

Naim CDX2 review | What Hi-Fi?

    Verdict. By CD player standards Naim 's CDX2 is of pensionable age. It's been on the market for seven years without change, and this revision keeps most of the original player intact. Even the name doesn't officially change, though we notice many people on the web are referring to it as the CDX2.2. The big news is the addition of an electrical ...


    Naim-Vollverstärker, dem hier mit dem CD-Player CDX 2 zum Test angetretenen Supernait 2. Verfügte der Vorgänger noch über ein umfangreiches Ausstattungspaket inklusive D/A-Wandler, betritt der Neue nur mit dem Versprechen auf besten Klang fürs Geld den Markt. Die Fernbedienung ist übersichtlich, steuert beide Geräte und liegt gut in der ...

Naim NDX, CDX2, DAC and XPS2 | HFA - The Independent ...

    As mentioned in the header, the Naim components under test here, have big power supplies and weigh quite a bit. The CDX2 is no exception: not only does it feel heavy, it also sounds that way: solid, dynamic, confident and with excellent bass that is at once deep, full, weighty and articulate.

Vue générale du lecteur CD de Naim, le CDX2

    circuits ultra-sensibles dans le CDX2. La même alimentation externe est utilisée avec le lecteur de CD Naim CDS3, fournissant ainsi un chemin de mise à niveau en outre possible d’un lecteur à l’autre. Toutes les fonctions principales de contrôle sont gérées par un microprocesseur exécutant un logiciel écrit par Naim.

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