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Nagios Audio Alerts - View topic • Nagios Support Forum

    Sound Files Location /srv/www/htdocs/nagios/share/media Sound Files critical.wav hostdown.wav warning.wav Configuration /srv/www/htdocs/nagios/etc/cgi.cfg # SOUND OPTIONS # These options allow you to specify an optional audio file # that should be played in your browser window when there are # problems on the network. The audio files are …

Restoring Nagios audio alerts in modern browsers

    HTML5 uses <audio> tag for the purpose and we will replace <object> with <audio>, then build RPM and extract the 2 files responsible for sending audio to browser. If you have Nagios installed from RPM (this article is based on Centos 6) one way to enable audio is to add patch to source RPM and build a new RPM set, then extract respective files from it. The …

Audio Alerts with Nagios XI - Nagios - Network, Server and ...

    The way Nagios XI will decide if it needs to generate an audio alert is exactly the same way it decides if it needs to send an email alert. A Nagios XI user account will be created and used to send notifications to, this is how you will be able to selectively define what hosts and services will generate audio alerts. The next step

Audio Alerts - View topic • Nagios Support Forum

    The audio files are in /usr/local/nagios/share/media/ They are user and group owned by the nagios user account and have permissions of 644. Code: Select all # CGI.CFG - Sample CGI Configuration File for Nagios 4.0.8

File Based Audio Aka Streaming Audio - wiki.nagios.org

    Bookmark File PDF File Based Audio Aka Streaming Audio with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and countless others. Not just informative, but also highly entertaining and inspirational, ASSR, the Book is the perfect platform on which to build …

nagios3 - How do I configure nagios with audio ...

    This was done with the authorized written permission of nagios.com. After installing alsa by using the command. sudo apt-get install alsa alsa-base alsa-utils after that we go to configure Nagios Core to use aplay as command-line audio file player for the ALSA sound card driver. > $: cd /usr/local/nagios/etc $: sudo nano commands.cfg

Musicians Guide Theory And Analysis Audio Files

    Access Free Musicians Guide Theory And Analysis Audio Files notation, and abstract concepts will find this book to be the answer they have been looking for. From the Author: "How music theory is usually taught is unfair. It starts with the assumption that you can read music and understand the language of classical music.

Car Audio Fit Guide - wiki.nagios.org

    effects, spectral tools and much more. Also included is a DVD containing both video and audio files, demonstrating surround sound, mixing procedures, and other audio editing processes. Included as well are project files with which you can refine techniques learned in the book. The DVD is not included with the E-book.

Download Nagios - Nagios Core is free.

    Download Nagios Core. The Open Source IT monitoring solution that provides dependable monitoring to millions of users worldwide. Nagios Core is free.

CGI Configuration File Options - Nagios

    Audio files are assumed to be in the media/ subdirectory in your HTML directory (i.e. /usr/local/nagios/share/media ). Ping Syntax This option determines what syntax should be used when attempting to ping a host from the WAP interface (using the statuswml CGI. You must include the full path to the ping binary, along with all required options.

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