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Monkey's Audio - Wikipedia


CD Ripping - FLAC vs. Monkey's audio | AnandTech Forums ...

    CD Ripping - FLAC vs. Monkey's audio. Thread starter godspeedx; Start date Nov 16, 2003; Sidebar Sidebar. Forums. Software. Windows ...

Lossless audio formats comparison - Bobulous

    In my opinion, it's a choice between FLAC and Monkey's Audio. And the choice depends on whether you value time or disk space more. FLAC is now so fast that the time saving you'd make by ripping and encoding to uncompressed Wave is barely worth thinking about. FLAC took the same amount of time or less than Wave on four of the ten albums.

Formatos “lossless”: FLAC y Monkey’s Audio

    FLAC comprimió más rápido, pero Monkey’s Audio fue capaz de reducir el tamaño un poco más, cerca de ocho megabytes frente al resultado de FLAC. Ambos formatos lograron un promedio de 206 megabytes sobre un total de ocho pistas y casi 48 minutos de audio. Esto me lleva a pensar lo siguiente: La capacidad de los reproductores físicos ha ...

FLAC files sound better than APE (Monkey Media)? | …


    Monkey's Audio - a fast and powerful lossless audio …


      WOW, Monkey's Audio is still the best - HydrogenAudio


        flac vs ape - not sure which to choose

          My decision to use ape was based on two considerations: 1) I have seen that an average CD compressed in ape is 2-3% smaller in size than the same CD in flac. This means that 1TB hard drive could store 80-120 CDs more if ape is used. My findings are based on standard compression levels for both formats.

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