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export error (quicktime movie) “export format may require ...

    Exception! Parameter error: This export format may require audio or video tracks. I have all my tracks highlighted, i have in and out marks, in the export settings i have use same as source, i have tried switching all the settings and nothing seems to work…I am able to export as a quicktime ref, but not just as a quicktime movie.

508 Accessible Videos – How to Make Audio …

    Most online video and multimedia players don’t support extra audio tracks. However, multimedia players that support extra tracks are currently under development. You can add an extra audio track in two steps: Record a separate sound file where a narrator is describing all of the visual information. Attach this audio track to your video.

"Exception: Parameter Error! This export format may ...

    I am using Windows XP, Service Pack 2. And I did installed QT 6.5.1. When I tried exporting after that I would have a different problem, it would go all the way through, but I would get a video with audio problems.

Video and audio formatting specifications - YouTube Help

    Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or better. Minimum audio-visual duration: 33 seconds (excluding black and static images in the video channel as well as silence and background noise in the audio channel) Framerate: Videos should be in their native frame rates without resampling. For film sources, a 24fps or 25fps progressive master yields the best results.

8 Free Resources to Soundtrack Your Video Without …

    Those who do hear your audio track may well be put off if it is packed full of too many sound effects. Each sound or piece of music should have a purpose, rather than simply being added to fill a void. Where do music and sound effects fit into the video? Remember that music can be more than just background noise.

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