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Support for HD audio bitstream - Apple Community

    I know of macos limitations on this issue, but I have a question if you ever plan to turn on bitstream for hd audio on macos? I ask, because it is a little funny that on any other equipment (and it's sometimes much cheaper) you can watch and listen to Hd movies (DTS HD Master, Dolby TrueHD recently Atmos and DTS: X) and Apple (especially new Supported eg …

HD Audio Pass Through on Mac Mini HDMI po ... - Apple

    HD Audio Pass Through on Mac Mini HDMI port. There have been various threads realting to this but nothin up to date or resolved as i can determine. I plan to use a Mac Mini as the core AV processor in a high end 8 channel sound system in a home cinema set up. The mac mini runing XBMC or similar will need to process high definitiion video files that contain Dolby …

New Mac Mini output HD Audio? | MacRumors Forums

    The 2011 mac mini has a graphics card (either hd3000 or 6630m) that's supports hd audio bit streaming, however you must have windows installed, you must have the latest windows video drivers...

Mac mini late 2014 - 4K and Audio HD support? | AVS Forum

    Besides this, the 2012 mac mini is equal to or superior to the 2014 revision in every way. The 2012 version is easily upgradable and has all the same features, except for consistent 24p support, which Intel didnt support till haswell. This does NOT mean that you cant get a mac mini and playback HD audio. You simply need to bootcamp windows onto it.

The new Mac Mini, Mountain Lion, and HD Audio (DTS-HD ...

    Anyhoo, I can't seem to get a solid answer on whether or not Mountain Lion will bitstream the various HD audio formats. After seeing the new Mac Mini on Ars, I'm seriously pondering buying one to ...

Using a Mac Mini for high end audio - YouTube

    PS Audio, through it's Infinity IRS V speakers enjoy some of the best sound in the world. And check out our newest YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/ch...

New 2020 Mac Mini as HTPC - AVS Forum

    the ATV4K does a surprisingly good job as a plex client but it can’t bitstream audio and the Mac mini should be able to also with the ability to playback high res audio natively. A windows 10 tower with dual high end gpus cooled by nitrous oxide running MadVR in a laser etched case with color changing LEDs maybe the best way. I may try that next.

ubuntu 10.10 mac mini 2010 hdmi dts-hd

    It's not done, but we can hope for some nice effort and maybe we get bitstream HD audio and bitperfect FLAC music in linux. And again, your mac mini won't do it. To sum it up: Hardware: Radeon 5xxx+ Geforce 4xx (or separate soundcard). Software: XBMC on Windows only. Linux/Mac not there yet.

How to Play 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio in QuickTime Mac OS …

    This may require a Mini Toslink to Toslink adaptor (if you have a Mac Pro or Power Mac G5, then insert it into the Toslink output). 2: Open Audio MIDI Setup, located in the utilities folder, in the applications folder. 3: Under audio output, set the format to 48kHz (48000Hz) and 2ch-24bit (don't select encoded digital audio). Most video files will be 48kHz, but some are 44.1kHz, if this is …

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