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    But... by now, the lowest noise single transistor I found is the 2SK170 and 2SJ74, reaching the 0,95nV/sqrt (Hz), the same as dual ultra low noise LM394, SSM2210... BJTs. With one LM394 I could obtain 0,65nV/sqrt (hZ), but there must be any single transistor doing the same as two. Also avaibility of SSM220 and LM394 is bad (are they discontinued?

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    Low noise transistors - Minimizing noise in audio and sensing systems Noise is a critical factor in many applications, especially those involving audio or sensing operations. To keep transistor noise to a minimum in your design, look no further than our low noise devices - we're certainly not keeping quiet about their quality performance and small packages.

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    For extremely low voltage noise, the Philips/NXP BFW16A used to be a good choice because of its low base resistance, but it is out of production. You could try a more modern low-noise wideband transistor, such as the BFU760F (RB=3.32 ohm according to its Spice model). It will be difficult to keep it stable due to its high transition frequency. S

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    Bipolar Transistors - BJT Low Noise,Matched Dual NPN Transistor Enlarge Mfr. Part # SSM2212RZ. Mouser Part # 584-SSM2212RZ. Analog Devices: Bipolar Transistors - BJT Low Noise,Matched Dual NPN Transistor. Learn More. Datasheet. 31 In Stock. 3,326 On Order View Dates. Alternative Packaging ...

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    Proven low noise transistor technology used by ESA in their ground stations for >10 years. We offer customizable ultra low noise performance pHEMTS. Hybrid ultra low noise amplifiers by Yebes using the pH-100 technology.

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    1.2 Ultra-low noise AC amplifiers with unipolar transistors Amplifiers with bipolar transistor offer very low noise but have also some drawbacks – low input impedance and high input current noise, so they are suitable especially for signal sources with low …

The Design of Low-noise Audio-frequency Amplifiers

    The Design of Low-noise Audio-frequency Amplifiers By E. A. FAULKNER, M.A., Ph.D., C.Eng., F.I.E.R.E., M.I.E.E·t Summary: This paper contains: (a) an account of the phenomenological theory of noise in linear amplifiers operating from resistive signal sources; (b) a discussion of the noise parameters of bipolar and junction field­

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    Input transistors should be low noise. BJT tend to be lower noise if the correct source impedance (for op amps you can look this up in the datasheet by looking at voltage noise / current noise which for NE5534A at 30Hz is ~5.5/0.0015 = 3k7). JFET has super low current noise so they will tend to have better noise performance with high Z inputs.

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    Each of the 12 transistors do not have to slew up the output as much when compared to the 4 transistor amp). As long as the power supply is capable, the 12-transistors will be more efficient in having more current on tap for the demanding music passages (even at …

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