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Speakers — Audioengine

    At Audioengine, we are music lovers and all around sound nerds, and we wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing our speakers didn’t sound amazing in every living room, pool house, and man cave across the world.

The spatial sound in electroacoustic composition - Linux Audio

    3.1.3 Audio Engine Connection Window (Fig. 3) At present, 3DEV uses the Csound program (Barry Vercoe et al) as Spatialisation Engine. In order to do this, 3DEV generates a text file with the format of a Csound score. This text file is a kind of script which may be further used by Csound to synthesize a spatialised signal based on

LAC 2015 - Ingen: A Meta-Modular Plugin Environment ...

    Linux Audio Conference 2015 Ingen: A Meta-Modular Plugin Environment David Robillard This paper introduces Ingen, a polyphonic modular host for LV2 plugins...

3D-Audio with CLAM and Blender’s Game Engine

    3.2 The 3D-Audio Engine The following paragraphs describe the main CLAM networks used in our 3D-audio engine. The network depicted in gure 3 shows the pro-cessing core of the system. It produces 3D-audio from an input audio stream, plus the position of a source and a listener in a given 3D ge-ometry |which can also be an empty geome-try.

Refurbished — Audioengine

    Refurbished. Audioengine Factory Refurbished Products are customer returns or new items with slight cosmetic blemishes that undergo Audioengine’s stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. Refurbishment procedures follow the same technical guidelines as Audioengine’s Finished Goods testing procedures.

LAC/E32 Acquisition Server (version 15) - Waters …

    2 Supported systems The LAC/E 32 Acquisition Server delivers flexibility in deploying various Waters and third-party instruments, as Empower ® Software supports over 450 UPLC, ® HPLC, MS, and GC modules. Up to four active chromatographic systems can be online at one time on a LAC/E 32 Acquisition Server, although this number may vary depending on the detector and its …

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