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KSS-1 Center Speaker - Klipsch

    The two-way Rebel Series KSS-1 center channel was first introduced in 1996 and manufactured by Klipsch until 1997. While no longer in production KSS-1 model loudspeakers are still owned and listened to by Klipsch fans around the world as part of home theater surround sound systems.

KSS Speakers - Onlinecarstereo.com

    The KICKER KS Speakers are designed for free-air applications and do not require a sealed enclosure for optimum performance. It is important to isolate the sound coming from the front of the speaker from the sound radiating from the back of the speaker. This is most easily accomplished by mounting the speakers

KSS Audio OTL Amplifiers user reviews : 5 out of 5 - 1 ...

    KSS Audio is a small company headquartered in Southern California. Specialty is OTL amps. This is my second KSS OTL amp. The first (KSS 100/100) was good, but the new 60wpc model is better in all respects. It has surprising bass, and the mids/highs are about as good as it gets. Top to bottom dynamics are excellent. Best of all, it is a musical amp.

Korean Single Speaker Speech Dataset - Kaggle

    KSS Dataset is designed for the Korean text-to-speech task. It consists of audio files recorded by a professional female voice actoress and their aligned text extracted from my books. As a copyright holder, by courtesy of the publishers, I release this dataset to the public. To my best knowledge, this is the first publicly available speech dataset for Korean.

Rebel KSS Home Theatre System- Help! - The Klipsch …

    I am not familiar with the sound of your current speakers but in looking at the KSS1, I think there are several speakers that would be quite an improvement over it. RB-61, RB-51 or even some older model bookshelves like the RB-75 or the RB-5. With a 4" woofer, the KSS1 doesn't push out much in the bottom end.

KSS - Technical Production to the Event Industry

    KSS Meets; Backstage Blog; Contact. More. Tech Production to The Events Industry. Event Tech Production . Live In Person. Online. Hybrid. Our Story a wealth of experience. ...

KSS Audio | MyBroadband Forum

    KSS Audio. Thread starter Speedster; Start date Jan 14, 2013; Speedster Honorary Master. Joined May 2, 2006 Messages 16,395. Jan 14, 2013 #1 I've just been gifted a set of KSS Audio speakers (5.1 ...

March Audio Sointuva | Page 3 | Audio Science Review …

    The 'official' advertised long term rating of the speaker at 250W is clearly complete fantasy with a 1.5kHz tweeter X/over. View attachment 149986 Here are the tweeter specs: The rated power handling of the tweeter in accordance with IEC-268-5 cl 18.2 is a "system" rating of 80W (behind a 2.5kHz filter).

What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be …

    Yes, I agree with you that your point is another critical factor. For this, I usually use the track-2 "Phase Check" and track-3 "Five location Positioning Check by Dram Solo" of "Sony Super Audio Check CD"; I carefully check and fine tune the relative L-to-R balance for each of the SP drivers separately, i.e., L & R sub-woofers, woofers, midrange squawkers, tweeters and …

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