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    In this episode, online video expert and founder of Be Marvelous You Kellsie Moore is explaining why that connection is so valuable and how you can achieve it with your own audience to start building more authentic customer relationships and a loyal fan base. Check out Kellsie’s Website: www.kellsielouise.com

Kavent P-2200 Monoblocks and S-22 Preamp | The Emotiva Lounge

    They should cost much more than what Kellsie Audio and Video Design are selling them for. Since there was no much audible difference between the Kavent S-22 Preamp and the S-33 , I decided to keep the S-33 because of the advantage of having the remote as well as the display. The S-33 is also monaural design, even though it's not three chambers.

Audio Electronics Consumer Goods and Services Manufacturer

    Kellsie Audio & Video Designs - Distributor of Aurum Cantus louspeakers and Kavent CD player and audio amplifiers. AKG - Manufacturer of studio microphones, broadcast and live sound equipment, as well as headphones for consumers. Almarro - Makes integrated tube amplifiers and loudspeakers. Japan.

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    Hi, In a downsizing effort I came across the Aurum Cantus liesure 2se offered by Kellsie Audio Video Designs. They import these from China and mod them for a US version. For the money they are an amaz ..... 63: william schaefer audio design (11.85) Posted by earnie3 on 2005-12-19, 20:04:56 (

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    For the money your only talking about spending, i would highly recommend trying the Kavent integrated amplifier through Kellsie audio and video designs.. www.kellsieavdesign.com... I think you might be quite impressed and …

Audiogon Discussion Forum

    I just replaced my Quad 12L monitors with a pair of Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE's from Kellsie Audio Video. I bought them used here on A-gon. The Aurum Cantus, IMHO, are definitely a superior speaker, in every respect. The Leisure 2SE's are a serious speaker. Bass is deeper and more realistic.

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