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KEL Audio HM-1 Condenser Microphone – ProRec.com


KEL HM-1 Condenser Microphone Early Original NIB ...

    KEL HM-1 Condenser Microphone Early Original, I purchased 3 of these microphones when they first came out, this is the 3rd one I own and has been …

KEL Audio HM-1 Condenser Microphone – ProRec.com

    The KEL HM-1 was just such a carrot. Sold direct by KEL in Canada at an introductory price of $69 (they’re now $129, and include a shock-mount and carrying case I didn’t receive). I sprung for two on a whim. KEL’s money back guarantee helped fuel the decision.

KEL Audio: HM-1 compact condenser mic | Tape Op …

    The KEL Audio HM-1 sounds very different from my other small-diaphragm condensers, at a very affordable price. KEL's frequency response chart for the HM-1 is a straight line, which matches the sound of the mic. It purposely lacks the presence peak or "air" that all of my other SDCs provide (and that I turn to them for). A closer comparison than ...

Kel HM-1 Condenser Mic Review - Audio Recording News

    The KEL Audio HM-1 is not a versatile “Swiss Army knife” mic; it wasn’t meant for that purpose. It’s a welcome addition to my slowly-growing mic closet at its affordable price, which includes a custom shockmount and shipping. ($129; Kel Audio) Read more about the Kel Audio HM-1 small-diaphragm condenser microphone. |

Kel Audio HM1 | RecordingHacks.com

    [T]he HM-1 doesn’t muddy things up. It captures the source in a very flat and natural way. The mic ships with a shockmount and a plastic carrying case. As of 2011, the HM1 has been replaced by the HM-1x, an upgraded version of the same basic microphone. The Kel Audio HM1 is also known as: HM-1. The mic was released in 2004. Specifications

KEL HM-1X Wide Cardioid Condenser Microphone | …

    Blue Microphones Hummingbird Small-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone. $299.99. Brand New. Add to Cart. Free Shipping.

Kel HM-1 And HM2D Microphone Review [Video] - Recording ...

    (Price: $17 Free Today) Discover the 6 Steps for Creating a Radio-Worthy Song From Scratch

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