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No Audio when Rendering to File • KDE Community Forums

    However, when I use the option to render to a file I don't get any audio. My setup is: Code: Select all. Ubuntu 14.10. Kdenlive installed via the lastest PPA. Kdenline (About) Version 0.9.10. When I click on Render I select, in this case, MP4. Then I have the following select-able options: Code: Select all.

Mageia forum • View topic - Kdenlive no audio in MP4 output

    When kdenlive renders the edited video to a file, the choices it gives me for file formats are shown below. Available formats displayed by kdenlive Code: Select all MP4 MPEG-2 Matroska HDV Raw DV If I render to MPEG-2, it all works fine, video and audio. If I render to MP4, only the video works. I am not familiar with the other formats.

kdenlive No sound [Solved] / Applications & Desktop ...

    kdenlive No sound [Solved] kdenlive is not playing any sound as I try to edit a video. The video plays with sound with mplayer and openshot. I have tried the SDL and RtAudio. I am new to Arch. I have used Ubuntu since its begining, Debian before that, I have moved from Ubuntu as I do not like the snap manager. I have run pacman -Syu. $ uname -a.

kdenlive no audio - openSUSE

    I am trying to create a video using kdenlive (have been reading posts on Doug08 thread), and I am having a similar problem. I recorded some video with a camcorder, mpg format, and brought it into kdenlive. When trying to play the video, I get no audio. Here are my packages: george@tribaltrekker:~> rpm -qa | grep ffmpeg gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ffmpeg-0.10.13 …

kdenlive - No audio and black video after rendering? - Ask ...

    I am using KDENLIVE just to cut some videos and merge them together with titles. If I view the video in the project monitor it looks all good. But when I click on render, its just a black video without sound. Only the subtitle is show, so it looks like only Video 3 is rendered. However, when I move all videos to Video 3, and remove the title ...

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