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Jamup Pro XT question — Audiobus Forum

    Audiobus: Use your music apps together. What is Audiobus? — Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI …

GarageBand, Audiobus support! AmpliTube, JamUp, …

    GarageBand 1.4 adds Audiobus support! I tried to record the guitar with GarageBand and Audiobus, using AmpliTube and JamUp Pro XT on this tutorial.I can't pl...

‎JamUp on the App Store

    JamUp Pro gives you the power of six amps and 16 premium rack and stomp-box effects, including distortion, compression, tape delay, tremolo, and spring reverb. Both JamUp and JamUp Pro include Jam Player, phase sampler, tone sharing, preset manager, optional 8-track recorder, live view, tuner, and metronome.

AudioBus App To App Audio Streaming

    Audiobus by A Tasty Pixel Audiobus allows you to use live, app-to-app, audio streaming. This means you can link the audio stream from each app. The following videos demonstrate some things you can do with Audiobus. ... JamUp Pro XT (effects slot) Loopy (input and output slot) Loopy HD (input and output slot) MultiTrack DAW (output slot)

Ampkit vs. Amplitude vs. Jamup Pro XT: What's your ...

    Jamup Pro XT for me. I've used Amplitube Fender and GarageBand. I also tried the free version of Ampkit, but I'm not really a high-gain guy so I didn't take to it. I do like the tone of Amplitube Fender, but it only works with my crappy iRig and I prefer the Apogee Jam. I did buy some IAP, such as the boutique amp set and some effects.

The iOS bass player thread, PART II. (Jamup XT, Audiobus ...

    This is what comes in the classic expansion bundle if any one wants to know quickly: Fender® '57 "Tweed" Deluxe Fender® '65 Deluxe Reverb Roland®...

Bass and Guitar Effects Processor App | Jamup

    Multi-Effects. JamUp is a complete powerhouse Multi-Effects Processor app for guitar and bass. It offers over 80 different effects (46 guitar and bass amps, 40 effects), drag and drop signal path, built-in tuner and metronome, live-view, preset manager, MIDI support and more.

The iOS bass player thread. (Jamup XT, Audiobus ...

    +1 Black Velcro straps up the mic or music stand That's what I was thinking, maybe put Velcro on certain spots of the cable and on the stand as well....

AirTurn | JamUp Pro XT

    JamUp is a Guitar/Bass Multi-Effects Processor for iPad and iPhone. JamUp XT comes with 1 amp and 6 effects. JamUp Pro XT adds 6 amps and 16 stomp-box and premium rack effects - including distortion, compression, tape delay, tremolo and spring reverb. Both JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT include Jam player, phrase sampler, ToneSharing, preset manager ...

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