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Playing audio from mobile file system in J2ME - Stacktips

    Here is the code sample for reading a audio file from mobile file system and plays. Here i have used JSR 75 for FileConnection and player class for playing the audio. import java.io.InputStream;

Play a multimedia file in J2ME Program (Audio/Video) using ...

    Code sample to Send SMS from a J2ME application. Adding your own Application icon for your J2ME application (jar file) Play a multimedia file in J2ME Program (Audio/Video) using MMAPI. Datagrams in J2ME (UDP Programming sample) Client Server in J2ME (Socket Programming sample) Using HttpConnection in J2ME (Retrieve web content from a website to ...

The J2ME Mobile Media API - Oracle


    J2ME tutorials, J2ME basics, J2ME samples and …


      java me - J2ME Audio Streaming through SIP Connection ...


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