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itunes - mp3s set as "Audiobook" have stopped showing up ...


Why are my audiobooks not showing up in m ... - Apple

    If they don't show in the Books (Audiobooks if your Mac has Mavericks on it) part of your Mac's iTunes library, and you hadn't copied them to your backup of your downloads/library, then if they are still in your country's store the you could try contacting iTunes Support and see if they will grant you a redownload : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/ - click on …

2 Simply Ways to Add Audiobooks to iTunes Library - …

    When your iPhone is detected by the program, please click " Media " tab on the left panel, and click " Audio Books " tab on the top. This will show all the audiobooks on your iPhone. While previewing, please check the box next to the audiobook name to select them according to your need. Step 3. Import audiobooks into iTunes Library from iPhone.

itunes - mp3s set as "Audiobook" have stopped showing up ...

    click on the Audiobooks tab under Settings, on the left-hand panel under the device name in the resulting right-hand window, you should see the audiobook title, with an empty checkbox next to it above that, at the top of the window, there will be an option to Sync Audiobooks, with two options underneath: All audiobooks & Selected audiobooks.

How to Import Audiobooks Into iTunes: 14 Steps (with …


How can I Find My Audiobooks on iOS and iTunes? | Leawo ...

    Follow the below steps to find your audiobooks on your iPad devices after you sync audiobooks with iTunes. 1. On your iPad device, open the "iBooks" app. Install one if you haven't installed it yet. 2. Then, go to the "Library > Collection > Audiobooks" tab. All synced audiobooks from iTunes would be saved here. 3.

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