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Preamplifier Icon Audio LA4 MkII review and test

    Overall, the Icon Audio LA4 sounded excellent through all three of my power amps. It majored on musical flow, and attention to detail, creating a very convincing musical panorama. It's not the world's most detailed or transparent, but is great …

Icon Audio LA4 MkIII Signature Line Preamplifier - The ...

    The LA4 was originally conceived as a driver for Icon’s early 300B and KT88 power amplifiers. As a line preamp, it was refined over time, most recently to reduce gain and improve feedback implementation. The circuit topology incorporates classic design elements, which include tube rectification and a cascaded gain stage, followed by a cathode ...

Icon Audio reviews

    Preamplifier Icon Audio LA4 MkII Leicester based Icon Audio have established a reputation for making affordable valve amplifiers for the past decade. The first LA4 introduced some five years ago was a solidly made all triode circuit design that includes valve rectification, using a Western Electric designed 274B, and the 6SN7 double...

Icon Audio PS3 MkII Signature Pure Valve Phono Pre ...

    Decades later, I’m blessed with a Bergmann Audio Magne Turntable (10th Anniversary Magne on its way from Denmark for review) hooked to one of the world’s great phonostages, the Allnic Audio H-7000 LCR and equally blessed with a Pure Fidelity Eclipse Turntable and Icon Audio PS1 MkII Phono Preamplifier, which, at $2400, is many times …

icOn4 Autoformer Based Passive Preamplifier - Positive ...

    The icOn4 is the modern audiophiles passive preamplifier. The use of relays and a circuit board are critical factors to the success of the icOn4. Traditionally autoformer based volume control is a mess of wires. This mess of wires is what makes them more susceptible to external interference.

Icon Audio PS1 Mk. II All Valve Phono Stage — Audiophilia

    UK-based Icon Audio is a maker of ‘Award Winning Valve Amplifiers’. Icon also manufactures valve preamplifiers and phono stages (FYI: ‘valve’ is Brit speak for ‘tube’). I was contacted by a local Icon Audio dealer followed by the Canadian distributor to gauge interest for a review. I heard the subject of this review, the PS1 Mk.


    Dimensions are the same as the preamp. 148mm wide, 342mm deep and 165mm high, but weight is higher at 7kgs. Like all Icon Audio products, both units were sturdily built and well finished. They use discrete components, so are more easily serviced than transistor designs with chips. Small-signal valves have a long life time of around 10,000 hours.

Pre-Amplifiers - Icon Audio

    Looking for the best English valve amplifiers? Icon Audio is dedicated to the design and production of pure valve (or tube) amplifiers and hi fi equipment. Order online today.

Icon Audio Passive Line Pre Amplifier - Analogue Seduction

    Customer Reviews (1) Icon Audio Passive Line Pre Amplifier Available in black ONLY Icon Audio's Passive Line Pre Amplifier is a purer alternative to a full pre amplifier, allowing line level items directly to your power amplifier, with only high quality volume and input switching inbetween.

ICON AUDIO - PS2 MM-Only Phono Preamp | Steve …

    ICON AUDIO - PS2 MM-Only Phono Preamp | Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Home Forums > Discussions > Audio Hardware >. This day in history: January 12, 2002. 9:49 AM, California time. The Steve Hoffman Music Forums officially launched with this thread. Thank you for 20 years of music, discussion, and great memories!

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