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iChat 1: No Audio and Video

    These iChat Version 1 pages are coloured Blue and have the iChat 1 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where your are. iChat (Version 1) iChat made it's it way into the Apple Application fold in about 2003 with the first version. We are talking at the time of Jaguar (10.2.x). At that point it was just a basic AIM client.

Help iChat to AIM users... | MacRumors Forums

    So I use iChat and my AIM contacts have the video or audio status on them. When I try to set up a video/audio chat, THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Attempting a video chat: The video works, but no audio from other person. They can hear and see me, but I …

iChat for Windows - Apple Community

    The fact that iChat only uses the AIM protocol is a real hinderance in my opinion and I think if we are not going to get MSN and Yahoo compatibility, that producing a PC version would be a good, if not better alternative. ... No audio, but video is very good. It was more of a general suggestion, and as Ralph pointed out there is a way to make ...

iChat Can't Connect? Getting the Dreaded "User Has ...

    I can audio chat and video chat with no problem if the person on the other end is on a .Mac account. But if they are on an AIM account, all bets are off. While this is all circumstantial, I’m 99% sure that I’m right – something has changed in the AIM protocol or at the AIM portal, and that change – whatever it was – has hosed iChat A/V.

iChat <--> AIM: not so smooth! | MacRumors Forums

    The video tab on her AIM displays a black panel. - When I invite myself to an audio talk session from her computer, AIM makes a ringing tone and says "Waiting for Buddy Confirmation" but I never receive any invitation on iChat. - When I invite her to chat from iChat, no invitation appears on AIM.

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