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Cowon J3 Impressions Thread | Page 78 | Headphone Reviews ...

    Someone please convince me of the benefits of these user customised UIs - include links and screenshots if you can - cos I have zero issues with the stock Cowon one (now that I've arranged just the ircons I need onto the first page)

Burning-in Your Earbuds

    Many audiophiles believe that fresh, out-of-the-box, earbuds don’t sound as nice as they potentially could because the drivers haven’t been used enough yet. The view is that fresh drivers haven’t been used enough for music to flow optimally through them. This is a rather controversial debate, and there are many audiophiles who don’t believe in burning-in. Burning-in is the …

Got a dead screen on your awesome Cowon C2? | Byron's blog.

    You will frantically search for a C2 on the internet and find they are unavailable for purchase, unless you are willing to pay over $900 from some scalper who is lucky enough to have a working one. Then, you begin to search for solutions and you find nothing other than perhaps this link ( http://iaudiophile.net/forums/showthread.php?t=41594)

What is the best equalizer configuration ... - SanDisk Forums

    Could you share me please.I found few configuration in the net but i didn’t like so much.Can you help me please. What is your all configuration in sound options.Thx. saratoga February 19, 2011, 7:45pm

tcctool and S9 - narkive

    Thanks to Maurus for his help. I figured out the SDCFG parameter and used it to unbrick my S9. The line I added to tcctool.c was: {"cowons9", "Cowon S9", 0xb057, 0x20000000, 0xa1102800 },

Is the sound quality from all iPod ... - MacRumors Forums

    NYC. Sep 12, 2009. #7. 5.5th Gen. classic, 2nd Gen. touch, 3G (not GS) iPhone and all their previous models had the Wolfson chipset which is better. In other words, the latest models are all the same with the Cirrus Logic audio chipset which isn't as good.

Screw iPod Touch, get the Cowon S9 - Whirlpool Forums

    davidw89 writes... If you can somehow import it from Korea, it comes out in 3 day. Otherwise i'm guessing it's sometimes next year when it …

ytz Blog: Cowon S9 UCI list

    Cowon S9 UCI list. UCI stands for User Creative Interface. One of the best feature of Cowon S9 is the ability to load themes created by other people! This is a great feature since Cowon S9 default interface isn't really cool looking. Here is a list of UCI for the Cowon S9. Read this on how to install UCI themes on Cowon S9.

Cowon iAudio D2 or Creative Zen X-Fi - Portable - Whirlpool

    I just bought a Cowon D2 after reading various forums. I like the 52/10 hrs battery life for vid/music. Another plus was the SD Card integration. Ordered it on Tuesday from Minidisc and got it Wednesday.

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