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Lumin D2 | Audiophile Music Streamer

    Lumin has upgraded the legendary D1, and it is now the D2. They have added the latest (and much faster) processor to allow playback of DSD128 5.6MHz and made a few other tweaks. The power supply is now internal. Along with a reworking of the board layout, this delivers improved audio quality over the original.

The best Cowon D2/iAudio 7 settings! | Headphone Reviews ...

    Head over the iaudiophile.net, a Cowon fansite where they have heaps of skins and even Flash games for your D2. You can tweak everything right down to the actual GUI! Important: If you are getting a package which will change the GUI interface, make sure it is made for the same firmware as your D2! Always backup your songs/data before you change it!

Lumin D2 Network Music Player – Upscale Audio

    Lumin D2 Network Music Player A streaming DAC based on a Wolfson chip. DSD capable, and a Roon Ready endpoint Lumin Pro Tips You've got to hear the Lumin D2 powered by the Sbooster Audiophile Power Supply. Improved bass slam and definition, more body, ease, and increased air. A huge boost in performance for an already impressive component. Highly recommended. The …


    LUMIN D2 improves on the hugely successful D1 to create a formidable package. Faster processor to allow playback of DSD128 5.6MHz. Internal power supply keeps interference lower and cabling neater. Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel. Retains fully balanced design of the LUMIN family – including XLR outputs.

Audio - Cowon D2 or D2+? | TechEnclave - Indian Technology ...

    I suggest you buy the D2, and play around with firmware - it is VERY easy and safe to do it. iaudiophile.net has very simple guides on how to do it. I have the D2 and spent 3k ish on Shure IEMs.. and NOW I know what Cowon sound quality is all about. Spending on a good pair of headphones/IEMs is very important - I would suggest something from ...

New DAC came today (Lumin D2)! : audiophile

    New DAC came today (Lumin D2)! First up, obligatory gear list. Cables: various copper cables! I just got the Lumin D2 used, complete with external sbooster power supply. I've been out of the game for awhile and was using a Sonos as my source, knowing it was probably one of …

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