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Iriver vs. Iaudio | Headphone Reviews and Discussion ...

    I can't decide between these three players: Iriver Clix 2 8Gb. Iaudio D2 8GB. Iaudio 7 8GB. I've heard good things about all of them, but there seems to be no general consensus as to which edges out the competition. The Clix 2 looks great, but if I'm not mistaken the battery life is less than that of the Iaudios.

I'm sorry, I haven't got a clue.: iAudio X5 vs iRiver H320

    The Iriver is almost twice as thick as the iAudio from the look if it. I also don't think the video is that bad, it's just fine for putting a few TV shows on it to watch in the car. AS for build quality, I don't know how much more solid you can get than the iAudio.

iAudio G3 or iRiver iFP? - RedFlagDeals.com Forums

    iAudio G3 or iRiver iFP? Both are 1G flash memory and I have read tons of reviews and I still don't know which one is better, they are both around the same price range. anyone can give me some suggestions or detail of Pros and Cons? o.O

Souboj dvou malých empétrojkových ´i´ - iAudio vs iRiver ...

    iAudio G3 - MP3 ( 8 - 320 kbps, 8 -48 kHz, VBR), WMA (20 -192 kbps), WMA7, WMA9, WMA9 Pro, OGG do kvality Q8 . iRiver iFP 999 - MP3 ( 8 - 320 kbps, 8 -48 kHz, VBR), WMA, ASF, OGG, BMP . Extra funkce. FM tuner - časové nahrávání; iRiver i iAudio jsou vybaveny funkcí autoscan pro automatické vyhledání a uložení do paměti. G3 má 24 volných pozic iFP 999 …

IAudio U2 or IRiver I895 Mp3 Player - OCAU Forums

    IRiver IFP 895 Craft 2 http://www.mstation.com.au/ms/products/?id=403&show=Features#details On the other hand the IRiver has so many great reviews for audio quality, and it is much cheaper then the IAudio. Which of the 2 are the better choice in terms of features and quality. How is the quality of the ear …

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