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HTML5 Audio Tag Tutorial with Example - Kodyaz

    HTML5 Audio Tag for Playing Sound. HTML5 <audio> tag is one of the new elements and tags in HTML5 for developers. <audio> element enables developers to create an audio item on a web page like sound, music or other audio streams.. Web developers can use the below HTML5 code to create audio controls and play sound on a web page.

HTML5 Audio: Explore HTML5 Audio Controls With …

    While the HTML5 <audio> tag itself supports three formats (MP3, Wav and Ogg), the browser support for them differs. Note: <source> represents an empty element – it has no content, only attributes. Customizing the HTML5 Audio Player. You can modify the way your player looks and works by including one or multiple tag attributes.

HTML Audio Tag - javatpoint

    HTML audio tag is used to define sounds such as music and other audio clips. Currently there are three supported file format for HTML 5 audio tag. mp3. wav. ogg. HTML5 supports <video> and <audio> controls. The Flash, Silverlight and similar technologies are used to …

HTML audio tag - W3Schools

    The <audio> tag contains one or more <source> tags with different audio sources. The browser will choose the first source it supports. The text between the <audio> and </audio> tags will only be displayed in browsers that do not support the <audio> element. There are three supported audio formats in HTML: MP3, WAV, and OGG. Audio Format and ...

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