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    Audio – The Hannah Arendt Collection Audio Home >> Audio Lecture and discussion led by Hannah Arendt at Bard College on December 11, 1968. Arendt, Hannah – Power & Violence (Speech) Hannah Arendt – Power & Violence (Speech) bardATS – Hannah Arendt - Power & Violence (Speech) Hannah Arendt – Power & Violence (Questions and Answers)

Hannah Arendt as herself: audio and video recordings

    The Hannah Arendt Collection offers audio excerpts of a lecture on “Power and Violence” Arendt delivered on December 11, 1968 at Bard College. There’s a 20 mins excerpt of the lecture itself, followed by 37 minutes of questions and answers with the audience (to download the mp3 files, right-click and “Save Link As”: Speech , Questions and Answers )

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    [ Hannah Arendt: Books / Articles / Lectures / Correspondence / Audio ] The Great Tradition and nature of Totalitarianism 1953 Six lectures on the nature of totalitarianism delivered at the New School for Social Research in March and April of 1953. The Great Tradition I. Land and Power. Social Research Vol 74: No 3: 2007.

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      First, directly above, hear Arendt’s speech “Power & Violence.” The lecture re-iterates ideas Arendt expressed more fully in a lengthy 1969 essay published by the New York Review of Books as “Reflections on Violence” and as a book titled On Violence. In the lecture and the essay, Arendt references the work of thinkers like Friedrich Engels and, especially, ...

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      Hannah Arendt was born 14 October 1906 in Hannover, Germany. Her parents, Martha and Paul Arendt, were of Russian-Jewish background. Her father, an engineer, died from syphilitic insanity in 1913. Seven years later, her mother married Martin Beerwald. Arendt attended school in Koenigsberg and finished in 1924. She attended Marburg, Freiburg and Heidelberg, studying …

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          Events & Lectures. Upcoming Events. Upcoming Events Amor Mundi and the Virtual Reading Group. Keep the Conversation Going with the Hannah Arendt Center Friday, February 28, 2020 – Friday, December 31, 2027 Hannah Arendt Center, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Contact HAC. Bard College PO Box 5000



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