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Richard Hamming ``You and Your Research''

    Richard Hamming ``You and Your Research'' Transcription of the Bell Communications Research Colloquium Seminar 7 March 1986 J. F. Kaiser Bell Communications Research 445 South Street Morristown, NJ 07962-1910 [email protected] At a seminar in the Bell Communications Research Colloquia Series, Dr. Richard W. Hamming, a

You and Your Research by Dr. Richard W. Hamming - Outwork, LLC

    YOU AND YOUR RESEARCH. By Dr. Richard W. Hamming. It’s a pleasure to be here. I doubt if I can live up to the Introduction. The title of my talk is, “You and Your Research.” It is not about managing research, it is about how you individually do your research. I could give a talk on the other subject – but it’s not, it’s about you.

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    At a seminar in the Bell Communications Research Colloquia Series, Dr. Richard W. Hamming, a Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a retired Bell Labs scientist, gave a very interesting and stimulating talk, ‘You and Your Research’, to an overflow audience of some 200 Bellcore staff members and visitors at the Morris Research and …

Hamming, "You and Your Research" (June 6, 1995) - …

    Intro: I have given a talk with this title many times, and it turns out from discussions after the talk I could have just as well have called it "You and You...

You and Your Research — Richard Hamming ... — programming ...

    Richard Hamming gets to the heart on what differentiates a prolific scientist from an ordinary one. “If you do not work on an important problem, it’s unlikely you’ll do important work. It’s perfectly obvious. ”. Another key idea is that of an attack. These problems are hard because they are not amenable to brute force.

GREAT SPEECHES: You & Your Research (and Career) By ...

    This talk is “You and Your Research.” I've given it many times. It might as well be called, “You and Your Engineering Career” or “You and Your Career.” These are broad principles of success in many fields. So, while I will talk about research because that's what I've studied it's really fairly broadly based.

You and Your Research Richard W. Hamming 7 March 1986

    “You and Your Research” is one of Richard Hamming’s many lectures. In 1996, he published a write-up of his graduate course lectures in engineering at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in a book called The Art of Doing Science and Engineering; Learning to Learn. In Hamming’s words, “the course centers around how to look at and think about

Richard Hamming - You And Your Research - Summary - …

    The Talk: “You and Your Research” by Dr. Richard W. Hamming. The talk is about how you individually do your research. I’m talking about great research, Nobel-Prize type of work. Pasteur said “Luck favors the prepared mind”. The particular thing you do is luck, but that you do something is not.

Dr. R. W. Hamming's Advice on Research

    You and your research . a stroke of genius: striving for greatness in all you do by R.W. Hamming . Little has been written on managing your own research (and very little on avoiding other people managing your research); however, your research is much more under your control than you …

matlab - How to Create Hamming Window in Audio Signal ...

    this is my code: y = audioread ('Mono.wav'); sr = 16000; %sampling rate w = 512; %window size T = w/sr; %period % t is an array of times at which the hamming function is evaluated t = linspace (0, 1, 16000); twindow = t (1:512); hamming = 0.54 - 0.46 * cos ( (2 * pi * twindow)/T); plot (hamming); title ('Hamming');

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