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    Build this digital interface for your digital projects! SSTV in 3 Easy Steps 1. Download and install the SSTV software above into a Windows 95 or Windows 98 Desktop or later Computer. MMSSTV is freeware that lets you see what you have been missing at no cost! 2. Connect receiver audio out to Soundcard input.

Slow-Scan TV - Jeffrey Kopcak, MBA – K8JTK | Ham radio ...

    SSTV Slow Scan TV Ham Radio Decoder Bundle. INTERFACES Need a radio, computer, interface between the two, and software. SignaLink USB (preferred). Rigblaster. Built in USB on newer HF radios. Build your own connection. Acoustic interface. All audio/DSP enhancements must be disabled! SIGNALINK USB $120 for the and connecting cable at ham retailer.

New SSTV Software Now Available

    05/07/2020. An update of the popular MMSSTV slow-scan television (SSTV) software is now available. Eugenio Fernández, EA1ADA, has introduced YONIQ, which he calls a modern version of MMSSTV.. “We are excited to finally be able to offer the entire radio community the revamped MMSSTV with the nickname YONIQ also in English,” he said. YONIQ is available …

Amateur Radio Digital Modes and Slow Scan Television(sstv)

    It operates like a packet radio terminal node controller (TNC). Its 15 tones are separated by 125 Hz, each QPSK modulated at a symbol rate of 83.33 bauds to provide a raw data rate of 2500 bit/s in an occupied bandwidth of 2000 Hz.

Amateur Radio Digital Modes and Slow Scan Television(sstv)

    Amateur "Ham" Radio modes using modems and sound card. Back to W1NPP.org Home Page. Amateur Radio Digital Modes and Slow Scan Television(sstv) Programs SSTV Programs Time Standards WWV/CHU Interfaces Digital Modes APRS Trackers ... CAT Cable(Serial Interface to control frequency and mode)

SSTV - Slow Scan Television - American Radio Relay League

    Slow scan televison is a way of sending video over a voice bandwidth channel--this can make it practical to send video over thousands of miles via ionospheric propagation. Modern computers make this once rare and expensive mode readily available to the average ham. Other ways to work with images over radio are discussed on the Image Modes page.


    KA1MDA RADIO / SOUND CARD INTERFACE. When I first became active in ham radio back in the early 80's, most of today's digital modes didn't even exist. Each non-voice mode, such as radio teletype (RTTY) and slow scan television (SSTV), required it's own dedicated (and expensive) hardware converter.

The KE0VH Digital Interface Project - Get on Amateur Radio ...

    And, I use the MMSSTV software for Slow Scan TV. Both are written by JE3HHT, Mako. All of his software is offered for free. I have rebuilt my home made interface for setting up digital modes to HF and VHF radio's using the keying circuit that I posted about …

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    I managed to get the software (MMSSTV), and used my regular audio interface... Thread by: WB9YZU, Dec 31, 2021, 3 replies, in forum: Ham Radio Discussions. Thread ... Slow Scan Digital - Anyone using this mode in the US on HF? ... Thread by: W5JDX, Apr 12, 2020, 0 replies, in forum: Amateur Radio News. Thread SSTV Missions.

SSTV Frequencies - Trusted Radio Enthusiasts

    SSTV (slow scan TV) is one of the few ways to send and receive images from all over the world via radio. Normal analog TV is an example of fast scan TV. SSTV works similarly to a fax machine where the image is displayed line by line from top to bottom and left to right until the entire image appears. There is no audio associated with SSTV. Black and white as well as …

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