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Hairball Audio

    Have no fear; we'll help you get it fixed. Read More. Connecting an External Microphone Preamplifier to Your Interface. Learn how to use and connect your Hairball Audio microphone preamplifier to your interface. Read More. Parallel Compression 101. Learn how to route and add parallel compression to your mixes. Read More.

Hairball Audio LOLA - User review - Gearspace.com

    Hairball had just come out with this preamp. After staring at it on the internet for quite a while I decided to take a chance and get the LOLA kit. (Don't worry they sell fully assembled units too!) I knew Hairball Audio sold great stuff cause I already made a couple of their 1176 kits but I really had no idea what this pre was gonna sound like.

Hairball Audio DIY-990 Opamp - DIYRE Wiki

    Hairball Audio’s DIY-990 is a derivative of the JE-990 discrete operational amplifier. Since being designed by Deane Jensen in 1979 and released into the public domain, the 990’s many revisions have found their way into many high-quality audio designs such as the Jensen Twin Servo and Hairball Audio Lola preamps. The kit includes all the parts necessary for …

Hairball Audio: FET/RACK Revision F DIY Kit Compressor ...

    Hairball has created an interactive build-map, which is absolutely brilliant. This time saver allows you to check off what is already populated and highlights the component on the schematic. All components of the discrete audio path are high quality, with Bourns trimpots, Neutrik XLR connectors, and film resistors.

The best 1176 compressor reissues, clones ... - …

    If you’re not afraid of picking up a soldering iron, you can also build your very own 1176 replica. Hairball Audio from Seattle offers complete and partial DIY kits for several versions of the 1176, notably revision A (Blue Stripe), revision D (Blackface) and revision F (which Hairball has christened ‘Red Stripe’). Full kits include all required parts, including transformers, matched …

Best preamp for vocals? | Page 3 - The Gear Page

    Universal Audio Solo/610 Universal Audio 710 Twin-finity Focusrite ISA One FMR Audio RNP Grace m101 Black Lion B173 Rupert Neve Portico 5017. Looking for the pro sound that's radio ready. Up front and warm. All these preamps I've mentioned have some nice reviews on them here and there, but everytime I do a search on Gearslutz I start doubting.

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